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Hemalatha Dayalan

Indian Cricket Player

Learn and Become a World Record Holder

World Record is Not Easy !,, ... We are Support You, How to Set / Break that Very Easy,
Record Consultancy / New Record Ideas, Record Planning Structure, Execution, Documentation, Record Submission, Event Management

let your world record event organised by our professional team, having expertise in the field of world records and make your event 100% successful.

Sadhanai Sigaram

Talent hunting programmes and special activities in the name of “SADHANAI SIGARAM CREATIONS” and bring out their unique talents, also to recognize of their activities by Honouring, providing Certificates, Awards Issuing (“SADHANAI SIGARAM”-Award),

Unique World Records

Unique World Records is a world record book published in India.
The reference book published annually, listing all world records in the categories of amazing facts, biggest, business, collections, creativity, education, extraordinary talent, inventions, marathon, memory and mental world, most and mass, people and places, smallest, strength and stamina, and youngest achievers. Unique World Records works to document the extraordinary out of ordinary people and showcase their talent to the entire world.

Official World Record Planning & Consultant

We Clear all your Doubts in 360 degree about World Record Attempts and World Record Organisations

Our Professional Team will Explain Benefits of World Records ?

How to Apply ?

How to submit ?

How to Create New Records ?

How to Break Existing Records ?

How to Organise ?

And also how to Aware with other Fake World Record Organisations ?

➢Suggest New Ideas for Record Creation and Suggest Existing world Records to break. - support with SSC

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To Archive RECORDS

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